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The 18 Worst Mistakes
Made by Home Sellers

It's simple to stay safe when dealing in property. Simple, but not easy. There are so many temptations to break the rules. So many slick sales pitches. So many experienced deceivers competing for the business of so many inexperienced consumers

- Neil Jenman
Author of this booklet and the best selling real estate books 'Real Estate Mistake' and 'Don't Sign Anything!'

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Some of the Most Common Mistakes

  1. Signing a Standard Agency Agreement

    THE MOST DANGEROUS THING YOU CAN SIGN is a "standard" selling agreement. Thousands of sellers make this mistake – they sign- up with an agent without realising what they are doing. Once you sign, you are at the mercy of the agent. You have lost control. That’s why many agents describe sellers as being "controlled" – it means the agent has control. 

  2. Not Trusting The Agent

    IF YOU DON’T TRUST THE AGENT, DON’T HIRE THE AGENT. The most important ingredient in any relationship, business or personal, is trust. Before you choose your agent, ask many questions, check references, insist on a GUARANTEE, test their negotiating skills and ask yourself a BIG question: Do I feel comfortable with this person handling the sale of my family home? If your answer is ‘no’, do not hire the agent.  

  3. The Quote Trap 

    ONE OF THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES made by sellers is believing the price the agent quotes for the sale of their home.

    Once you sign-up with the agent, if the selling price is less than the price you were quoted, too bad. There is nothing in the "standard" real estate agreements that compels agents to honour their quotes

    The ‘Quote Trap’ catches thousands of sellers who are told one price before they sign-up and another price after they have signed-up.

Find out the worst mistakes made by sellers the easy way - grab the guide!

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