$80,000 more than we expected!

Megan had an amazing experience selling their house through Park Real Estate. The property ended up selling for $80,000 more than she was expecting. After some bad initial advice they cleared the decks and brought in Jack from Park Real Estate. Thank you Megan for letting us share your story so more people can make the right decisions of who to sell with sooner.

Megan: My name is Megan. The property was in Wandin North. I went around the corner to the lady who’d sold the house with Park Real Estate. She got talking and she couldn’t speak highly enough. She got a lot more than what she thought. She gave me a guided tour of the house so I could see what they were getting for their money. She told me that she got $80,000 more than she was expecting.

In the meantime my husband had met a vendor’s advocate at his gym; which seemed like a good idea at the time because, I guess, we’re a bit overwhelmed with all the other things because tt was a deceased estate. He interviewed three agents. The evaluations ranged between 600 and 880. Very big range; which makes it more confusing.

Well, there was a house two doors up. Not a pretty house on a tiny block, hardly any garden at all, sold for 540. We think, “Well 600’s just ridiculous so, that’s not going be happening.” That was the agent that he was most keen on. We decided to go with the agent that valued it the highest, then that agent dropped it to 750; which also rang alarm bells, that something’s not going quite right.

We paid the advocate $550 to basically cease working for us. Meanwhile, Jack from Park Real Estate had come back to us and requested to continue, come and tell us what he thought the property was worth. We lined him up for an interview as well. Jack came up and we went through it all again. He was blown away by how much we’d improved the house as well. Even though I think he believed in it the first time, but he was pleasantly surprised that we had done so well. We went with Jack.

After we signed the paperwork, Jack put the house on the market at $799,500; which was a lot more than the lowest agent evaluation. Of course, when you’re selling a house that’s a deceased estate, as an executor you have to get the best price for everybody. You’re under quite a lot of pressure, particularly when you have got a sister who’s watching every move you make. We were hopeful that we would get more, but weren’t holding our breath. By that stage we had enough faith that he would probably manage to make it more somehow.

We’re happy to pay the agent more if they’re going to get you the higher price. It’s still only a percentage of what you’re going to get isn’t it? If they were working hard enough to get that money for you then they should get a higher rate.

The final price that we got for the property was $880,000. The property went on the market on the internet on a Friday afternoon and on Saturday a lady from Tasmania saw the property. On Sunday another family, I think it was, saw the property, and on Monday the couple that bought it saw the property. They were very keen. On the Monday, Jack was ringing me and saying, “They are really keen.” He wasn’t giving anything away. I’m on the phone to my sister saying, “Looks like there’s a buyer for the property. What’s the lowest we’re prepared to settle at?” She’s saying, “$795,000.” We agreed that, depending on what Jack had to say when he phoned, that we’d be happy with that. Then her other half got in on the act and said, “No, no, no. Stick to $799,500,” whatever it was.” I’m like, “Four and a half thousand dollars, give me a break.” Then, when Jack rang he’s going, “Oh now, yes I had to really push them and they’re ready to walk twice, but anyway in the end …” He managed to drag this out. “Got $880,000, is that all right?” “$880,000! Oh my god!” “Would you like to ring your sister and make sure that’s okay?” “No need to bother. We’ve already agreed.” “Well okay.”  We were amazed. Even the hard-to-get-on-with sister is blown away.