Selling in Croydon Hills Area? Help Bill and Margaret buy…

Jack: Hi, my name is Jack and I’m from Park Real Estate. I have with me today Bill and Margaret. They have asked me to try and find him a new home. Hello Bill and Hello Margaret!

Bill/Margaret: Hello Jack!

Jack: Bill, could you tell me what type of house you’re after?

Bill: Yup. We are after a three bedroom home with two bathrooms, three to four car locked up garage probably with a minimum of a thousand square meters and hopefully not any more than five years old. We don’t want a swimming pool.

Jack: Sounds good. Margaret, what areas are you looking to move in to?

Margaret: The areas we would like to look at would be Lysterfield, Croydon Hills, Rowville and Lilydale.

Jack: What would you pay for the right property?

Bill: For the right property, we got a budget of $1.1M.

Jack: Thank you. If you can help Bill or Margaret, please call me Jack at 9762 4988. Thank you.