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sold in 24 hours

Sold in 24 hours

Kristine sold her home within 24 hours for above the asking price. Park Real Estate in Boronia have a unique way of marketing your home with ZERO costs upfront to the home seller. It really is a risk free way of selling your home.

sold above asking price

$70,000 above the asking price

Bernadette is still amazed about how Bill from Park Real Estate in Boronia managed to sell her property $70,000 above the asking price. Bill quoted a higher asking price for her property than other agents and was still able to sell it above the asking price.

80000 more

$80,000 more than we expected!

Megan had an amazing experience selling their house through Park Real Estate. The property ended up selling for $80,000 more than she was expecting.

real estate auction tricks

14 Real Estate Auction Tricks

Here are 14 real estate auction tricks which trap thousands of home buyers and sellers. Don’t let them trap you. 1. The Dummy Bidding Trick 2. The ‘On the market’ Trick 3. The Frenzied…

Park Real Estate Fan

Extremely happy with the price…

John: We have been on the market previously with another agent, had very bad experiences with that particular agent and basically we […]

Inside Secrets of Real Estate

Selling or Investing in Real Estate? Neil Jenman shows you how real estate consumers collectively lose millions of dollars each year. This seminar is essential viewing for home owners, home buyers, and property investors.

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