Are you selling in Montrose, Seville, Seville East, Wandin North, Mt.Evelyn and Monbulk areas?

Please help Brenda buy.


Jack: My name is Jack. I’m from Park Real Estate and today with me I have Brenda. Hello Brenda.

BrendaBrenda: Hello Jack.

Jack: Brenda’s asked me to help her try and find a new home. Now Brenda can you let us know what type of property you’re looking for?

Brenda: Oh, I’m just looking at something that’s functional and maintainable and on not too large a block Jack, that has a little character preferably.

Jack: Yep and bathrooms, bedrooms?

Brenda: An en-suite but a main bathroom would be good.

Jack: Okay and how many bedrooms?

Brenda: Two to three.

Jack: Okay, fantastic. What areas are you looking to move to?

Brenda: Probably eastern, Wandin North, and Seville, Mt Evelyn area, Monbulk, in that region.

Jack: Okay and you mentioned Seville East as well, Montrose, some parts.

Brenda: Yes, that’s be ideal.

Jack: For the right property what would you pay up to?

Brenda: For the right property with good prospects probably $700,000.

Jack: So if you can help Brenda and you’re thinking of selling at the moment, please call me Jack on 9762 4988. Thank you Brenda.

Brenda: Thanks Jack.