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Scott: Hi my name is Scott, I’m sitting with Heidi and Franco and they’re looking to buy their first home. So guys what are you looking for ideally? A house or a unit?

Franco and Heidi: Hi, It does not really matter a house or a unit or townhouse as long as it meets the requirement for the first home buyer.

Scott: Okay

Franco and Heidi: under $600,000

Scott: $600,000 house or a unit.

Franco and Heidi: It does not really matter.

Scott: Okay, what about the bedrooms, bathrooms…

Franco and Heidi: Bedrooms and bathrooms is not our biggest concern. Our biggest concern would be the garage and the walking distance to the station.

Scott: Okay so gargage and walking distance to the station, How big a garage?

Franco and Heidi: Double garage… for my motorbikes and one trailer.

Scott: Okay, fantastic… room for trailer, room for motorbikes. Do you have any preference for suburbs? or is it more about being close to the station?

Franco and Heidi: Boronia or Bayswater

Scott: Because you work in the city? and you work in Dandenong?

Scott: Alright, Fantastic… If anyone has a property like that please give us a call on 9762 4988 Thank you.


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