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Hollie_and_GusScott: I’m with Hollie and Gus, they are you looking to buy a property. So guys, what are you looking for ideally?

Gus: Something that’s a bit older and might need a little bit of work to get it to what we want it at.

Hollie: Something that’s sub-dividable, we love weatherboard and old grandma houses.

Scott: So when you say a bit of work, what’s sort of work you are looking to do?

Gus and Hollie: Coat of paint, a bit of renovating and a bit of our own touch to it, but not too much work.

Scott: So you don’t need something with a new kitchen, bathroom or anything like that? How about bedrooms and bathrooms?

Gus: About three bedrooms and one to two bathrooms. If it’s got carport or a lock up garage, that would be great.

Hollie: If not, it does’nt matter.

Gus: Yeah.

Scott: And something subdividable, you say as well?

Gus: Definitely something subdividable.

Host: Do you have preference to area?

Gus: Croydon, Kilsyth, Mooroolbark areas. We really love Kilsyth.

Hollie: Kilsyth is our favorite.

Scott: Why Kilsyth?

Gus: It is close to Hollie’s Dad so close to the family.

Hollie: Yeah.

Scott: Okay, Is there any specific area in Kilsyth that you’re hopping to get? or…

Hollie: Not really. We just love Kilsyth.

Scott: Yeah, that’s fair enough.

Scott: And roughly what price bracket are you looking at for the right property?

Gus: We are looking around the $500,000 to $550,000 depending maybe, we can stretch it up to a bit more.

Scott: Fantastic. We’ll do our best and see what we can find.

Hollie and Gus: Thank you.