Help Jack and Fiona buy


Scott: Hi, I am just  here with Jack and Fiona and they are looking to buy a house. What sort of house you are looking for and how many bedrooms?

Fiona: Three bedrooms.

Scott:  How many bathrooms?

Fiona: One to two bathrooms.

Scott: Okay.

Fiona: A kitchen and living area.

Scott: How many living area? Just one?

Fiona: Yes please.Just one or more than one we don’t mind but one is enough for us.

Scott: No worries. How about the car accommodation? You need a garage or carport?

Fiona: Carport is enough.

Jack: Yes, carport is enough.

Fiona: But  if we got garage, it might be better or  carport we can… carport.

Scott: Are you looking for a large block or small block? How many square meters?

Fiona: It’s depending on weather, if it’s in Bayswater or in Ferntree Gully or Boronia. We prefer some land space bigger  than 700, 700 to 900.

Scott: Okay. So, Ferntree Gully, Boronia, what do you guys prefer 700-900, yes?

Fiona: Yes, and if it is in Croydon South or Croydon 500 is fine.

Scott: Yes, 500 is fine.Okay. So,  in Croydon South, 500 and Ferntree Gully and Boronia, 700-900. So you are looking for a home you can do some work to, Fiona?

Fiona: Sorry.

Scott: Are you looking for a home you can renovate?

Fiona: Yup, Yes.

Scott:  How much work are you prepared to do? Kitchens? Bathrooms?

Jack: Yes.Maybe kitchen, bathrooms or everything we feel we need to do some jobs. Maybe a…

Scott: Paint?

Jack: Yes, painting . Yes.

Scott: Fantastic. Okay.And when are you hoping to buy?

Fiona: As soon as possible.

Scott: As soon as possible? Okay. Fantastic.

Fiona: Yes but if the owner wants later settlement, we can wait.

Scott: But if you did find the perfect home, what price bracket could you go to?

Fiona: We can afford $550,000.

Scott: $550,000?

Fiona: For a really good place.

Scott: For something that’s great. Alright, fantastic! We will see what we can do. Thanks very much.