Jack Sammut: Hi, my name is Jack from Park Real Estate. I am here with Michael and Kate and they have asked myself and Park Real Estate to try and find them a new home. Hello Michael and Kate!


Michael: Hello Jack!


Jack Sammut: Can you let everyone know what type of house you’re looking for?


Michael: We are looking for at least a three bedroom home and minimum of one bathroom ideally it would have two bathrooms including ensuite. We are looking at a house that’s either  been renovated or in a nice neat good condition something with not much work to do basically.


Jack Sammut: Okay. What areas are you looking to buy?


Kate: We are looking to buy in the Ferntree Gully area, around the Watermead Drive which is close to both of our work.


Jack Sammut: Okay Can you let everyone know what kind of price you would pay for the right property?


Michael: The top of the budget is $600,000 so if anything  up to $600 if it’s really a nice house  that’s where we can go to.


Jack Sammut: Thanks Michael and Kate. If you can help them, you can get me at 9762-4988 and my name is Jack. Thank you.


Michael: Thank you.


Kate: Thank you.