Help Mick find a home.


Jack: Hi my name is Jack and I am from Park Real Estate. I’d like to introduce Mick. Mick is after a property in the Knox area. And if you can help him, you can call me on 9762 4988. Hi Mick, how are you?

Mick: Good Mate.

Jack: Can you just let us know what type of house you are after?

Mick: Yup, open-living, two to three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms and double garage. Yes, that’s it.

Jack: What area are you looking to buy in?

Mick: Anywhere in the Knox area, Mate.

Jack: Not the hills?

Mick: Preferably not too high up.

Jack: Okay. No worries. What type of budget are you working with?

Mick: It would be mid to high, five’s.

Jack: Okay. If you can help Mick find a home, please call me 9762 4988. Thank you.