Jack: Hi, my name is Jack, I’m  from Park Real Estate and I am here with Sally Anne. Sally has asked me to try to find property for her to purchase. Hi Sally!

Sally Anne: Hi Jack, how are you?

Jack: Can you let us know what type of property you’re  after?

Sally Anne: I’m after a 2 to 3 bedroom with a good outdoor living area.

Jack: Okay, right. What areas are you looking to buy?

Sally Anne: From Upwey right through to Boronia so I’m quite open.

Jack: Sure. And can you let us know what you can pay for the right property?

Sally Anne: Look, up to 5,000… 500,000 sorry not over.

Jack: That’s great. Thanks for your time.  If you can help Sally Anne, please call me at 962 4988.