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CharlesScott: Hi, I’m Scott and I’m sitting here with Charles. Charles is looking to buy a property in the Knox area. Charles, can you tell me a bit more about what you’re looking for?

Charles: I’m looking for say Boronia, Bayswater, Croydon.

Scott: Mooroolbark?

Charles: Mooroolbark, yes, no doubt, yeah. Ferntree Gully or something, yep. Just around the Ringwood, Ringwood East area.

Scott: Rowville?

Charles: Rowville, yeah, yep.

Scott: So what are you looking for ideally? What sort of property?

Charles: Ideally it is cost-effective, with maybe two land, or three land, or something like that.

Scott: So like three blocks together?

Charles: Yeah, two, three block together, yeah, yeah.

Scott: Is this to live in, or development?

Charles: For development.

Scott: For development. Okay. For the projects, what sort of price bracket are you looking to spend? In total?

Charles: In total … Just depends on how many lots. I think should be a few million, something?

Scott: Yeah, should be, okay. Depends how it adds up, I guess.

Charles: Yep, yeah.

Scott: So if anyone out there is thinking of selling with their neighbor, this could be the perfect opportunity, so give myself, Scott Collins, a call at Park Real Estate on 0407-624-196, or 9762-4988.


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