Thinking of selling? If you are selling in Ringwood East, Croydon and Kilsyth, Call us and help Connie buy.

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Elena: Hello this is Elena from Park Real Estate and  I’m actually speaking with Connie. Okay now Connie is looking for a property to purchase say Hello Connie.

Connie: Hi

Elena: So Connie, tell me what areas are you looking to purchase in.

Connie: I’m looking in Ringwood East, Croydon and Kilsyth.

Elena: Fantastic! How many bedrooms are you looking for?

Connie: Two to three and I’d like two separate living areas and an ensuite and main bathroom.

Elena: Fantastic! now let’s say that we did find someone or someone out there had what you’re looking for. Do you have the financial capacity to purchase this home.

Connie: Yes, upon sale of my property.

Elena: Fantastic! Thank you so much Connie, If you do have anything that Connie is looking for… Please give us a call here at Park Real Estate we do have a genuine buyer here Connie who is looking, so contact us as soon as possible on 9762 4988, Thank you.