Thinking of selling? If you are selling in Boronia, East of Dorset Road, closer to Boronia Heights, The Basin, call us and help Deepak buy.

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Scott: Sitting here with Deepak, and I’m having a chat with him about a property that he is looking to buy. All right, Deepak, just start with what suburbs you’re looking in.

Deepak: Hey, Scott. Thank you. We’ve been renting in Boronia for quite a while now. We like living under the hills, so east of Dorset Road, closer to Boronia Heights, The Basin, is where we’re looking to buy our first home. Given that our daughter is soon to turn two, we’d like a house with enough space for her to run around in the backyard or in the front. That’s what we are looking for.

Scott: Fantastic. How many bedrooms are you after?

Deepak: Three beds. Three should be good enough.

Scott: And bathrooms?

Deepak: One would be okay, but two would be ideal.

Scott: Garage as well? Or carport?

Deepak: Yeah, a carport if not a garage.

Scott: Yep. Do you mind brick or weatherboard or …

Deepak: I like a brick house purely from maintenance perspective, but doesn’t rule out weatherboard. Weatherboard’s got its own charm. I live in a weatherboard house, so yeah, all good.

Scott: Fantastic. For the right property, what sort of price bracket are you looking in?

Deepak: If I don’t have to do a single thing, then 650 to 660 is what I’m looking at.

Scott: Yeah, fantastic. When are you hoping to move in? Are you ready to buy now?

Deepak: Oh, of course. 30 to 40 days settlement time is what I’d be more than happy to shoot for.

Scott: Would you do longer if it was the right home, like 60?

Deepak: Yeah. Yeah. Happy to do that. It can work with the window, based on what better works for them for the right home.

Scott: Fantastic, so if anyone out there’s looking to sell, give Scott Collins a call at Park Real Estate on 97624988 or 0407624196. Thank you.