Are you thinking of selling? Eric Njoku is looking for a home preferably in Boronia, Kilsyth, Croydon, Ferntree Gully and Bayswater areas. Please listen in to Eric and help him buy.


Elena: Hello everyone this is Elena from Park Real Estate and I’m speaking with Eric. Hello, Eric, how are you?

Eric: Very well, thank you for asking.

Elena: Fantastic. Eric, why don’t you tell us what you’re looking for?

Eric: Thank you for that question. I’m looking for a possible 3 bedroom home.

Elena: Fantastic.

Eric: I don’t really mind if weatherboard or brick veneer or solid bricks but the important thing is it must have a bit of land around it.

Elena: What would you say is your minimum land size?

Eric: At least from 700 up to 900sqms.

Elena: Okay, fantastic. What areas are you looking to purchase in Eric?

Eric: I’m looking within the areas of I believe Boronia is doing quite well in terms of capital growth.

Elena: How about Kilsyth or anywhere else? Kilsyth?

Eric: Kilsyth, Croydon, I love Croydon. Happy to go that far.

Elena: Okay. Ferntree Gully?

Eric: Yes. Ferntree Gully.

Elena: Bayswater?

Eric: Bayswater? Yes.

Elena: Fantastic. How much would you say? What budget are you working with to purchase a property?

Eric: It would depend on the land size and the nature of the building so I would be quite happy to go up to $600,000 plus.

Elena: Okay $600,000 plus so you have the financial capacity to go to buy and you’re ready now aren’t you?

Eric: Yes I am.

Elena: Fantastic. Thank you very much for that Eric. We will send out some letters and if you have anything like this out there, please contact us so we can help Eric find a home. Thank you.