My name is Graham, I sold at property at 74 Hume Street, Upwey.

I tried to sell it probably two and a half to three years ago and it was nearly in a $550 mark then. Didn’t even get much look at a $520, it just doesn’t feel that way and I was looked after at all. Cost is about two-thirds in advertising.

Do you have to pay for advertising?

It’s a bit sting when you have to pay for advertising and that thing get a bang on your buck. It was probably on the market for about 90 days and we just put it in. The property was on the market previously for $550, we thought it would be 600. We’d be very happy with. So Jack put it in the market starting at 600 and said we will get the best deal for you.

Basically Jack got us an extra $90,000.

We got basically three written offers and we took $690,000. So we were very very happy. The price was being advertised in public was $599,000 so basically Jack got us an extra $90,000. To save $90,000 would take forever. Really. People aren’t seem to save these days so to have $90,000 extra in your back pocket is fantastic. I don’t think we would have got the same result if we used other agents. Jack is fantastic and based on the results, he really does. I would recommend him.

Advertising is included.

Jack’s fee  in selling property is probably higher than other agents but having said that there’s no up-fronts,  so advertising is included in it and you get a result of $90,000 more than what you expect. Another couple of thousands is mostly immaterial.