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Thinking of selling? If you are selling in Ringwood, Ringwood East, Croydon, Croydon South, Bayswater, and Boronia… Call us and help Hazel buy.

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Jack: Hi. My name is Jack, and today with me, I have Hazel. Hi Hazel.

Hazel: Hi Jack.

Jack: Now, Hazel’s asked me to help her find a new home. Hazel has sold and is ready to go on the right property. Hazel, could you please tell us what type of property you are looking for?

Hazel: Certainly. I’m looking for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, open-plan kitchen, dining, and lounge. Fairly new, up to seven years I suppose.

Jack: What suburbs would you look at moving to?

Hazel: I’m interested in Croydon. Some areas of Bayswater North. Ringwood East. Out maybe as far as Boronia.

Jack: Okay. And you’d look at Croydon South, Croydon North as well?…

Jack: And Ringwood itself, or just Ringwood East?

Hazel: We can say some areas of Ringwood.

Jack: Okay. And what would you pay up to for the right property?

Hazel: For the absolute right property I’d pay up to $750,000.

Jack: Okay. Now if you could help Hazel, please call me, Jack, on 9762-4988.

Jack: Thank you Hazel.

Hazel: Thanks Jack.

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