Jack: Hi my name is Jack and I am from Park Real Estate. With me today, I have Keryn and Jay and they’ve asked me to help them find a new house. Hi Keryn and Jay!


Keryn and Jay: Hi Jack!


Jack: Keryn, can you let us know what type of house you’re after?


Keryn: Yes, we are looking at three or more bedrooms, two bathrooms or provisions for three . Two living areas and own usable block of land as well.


Jack: Jay, what areas are you looking to move to?


Jay: We are interested in Montrose, The Basin and Monbulk.


Jack: And Keryn, what can you pay for the right property?


Keryn: So, we are looking up to $530,000 for the right property.


Jack: Okay. If you can help Jay or Keryn, please call me Jack on 9762 4988. Thank you.