How we saved over $45,000


My name is Allishia, my name is Leo. We went and viewed a house which had been on our radar for a little while but we haven’t had a chance to actually get there. So we went and visited it it and it was kind of an instant thing we felt really good that we felt really comfortable. And then we took it further and we wanted to put in an offer and the owner kept wanting a bit more from us. And in the end we put our foot down said no we’re done. If he doesn’t want that then we are walking away we’ve put down $585,000… It was $585,000 and a bit, we were going in the next day to sign the contracts and Jack rang about half an hour before just say unfortunately the owner had pulled out.

So I was upset and I was quite mad… Yeah. I was quite mad. But we just figured it wasn’t meant to be. So the owner of the house then went to a new agency to sell the property for auction this time rather than private sale.

So we didn’t go through it again and we wait until auction day and we went to the open then just to see how we felt about it and happened to walk away with it for quite a lot less than what we originally offered.

So we managed to buy it at the auction for $540,000. So $45,000 and a bit savings in the end thousand dollars, $45,000. So is quite significant…

(Auction) …unless someone jumps in. One, Two, Three… Final call at $540,000 we’re selling, selling SOLD… very funny, very funny