If you think your property could suit Kirsten feel free to call Scott from Park Real Estate on 03 9762 4988.

Scott: Hi everybody, I’m here with Kirsten Burrows and she’s looking to buy a property. Just wondering if any of you out there could help her out. So Kirsten, what are you looking for ideally?

Kirsten: I am looking for a place with a fairly large block about 1,500 square metres or larger, flat or on a gentle slope. I don’t mind if it’s a tiered block and something that isn’t full of trees so that it has been cleared slightly.

Scott: Okay, so are you looking for just a block or block with the house on it?

Kirsten: A block with the house.  Two bedrooms or three bedrooms it doesn’t really matter. Two living areas would be great but we would have one. One bathroom is okay, a carport or a garage.

Scott: Okay, something like that. Your happy to do some work to the place?

Kirsten: Definitely, the house doesn’t need to be perfect but it does need to be liveable.

Scott: You would do kitchen and bathroom?

Kirsten: I’m happy to remodel, update and  modernise as long as it is functional at the moment.

Scott: That’s fantastic, and car accomodation, garage or carport or you put one in?

Kirsten: It would be great if there was already one but it’s not a deal breaker.

Scott: No worries at all. Okay, so roughly what price bracket are you looking in for the home?  

Kirsten: I would prefer around about $450,000 or below.

Scott: Yes, fantastic! Alright, great. And you’re thinking in The Basin, Montrose, Upwey, Tecoma and somewhere in the Foothills.

Kirsten: That’s exactly right.

Scott: So, if there’s anybody out there that has a property like this, please do give me a call. My name is Scott and its Park Real Estate, 9762-4988. Thanks a lot.