Thinking of selling? If you are selling in Kilsyth, Mount Evelyn, The Basin… Call us and help Lauren and Matt buy.

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Elena: Okay, so this is Elena from Park Real Estate. I’m actually here speaking with Matthew. Hi Matt how are you?

Matt: Good and yourself?

Elena: I’m really good thank you. Now I understand that you’re looking for a property, but before we get in to that, why don’t you tell me a little bit about you and your wife.

Matt: We are a happily new married couple. We currently live in our parents house, trying to find a house.

Elena: Yep. And have you been looking for home?

Matt: We’ve been looking for about six months now. Ideally, we’d like to look in Kilsyth, Mount Evelyn, or the Basin.

Elena: Yeah, and you’ve missed out on a few properties I’m guessing.

Matt: We’ve missed on about six properties now.

Elena: Okay. What is it … if I’m sitting in front of my vendor, what would you like to say to them about your situation. You’ve looked for six months …

Matt: We’ve looked for six months, we’re not subject to finance. We’re ready to go. Just really want a house.

Elena: And you work hard, Matt. You work full time?

Matt: Yeah, full time. Six days a week. Minimum of 40 hours a week, constant work. Flat out. We’re already booked out to the end of next year already.

Elena: Awesome. That’s wonderful. So there we have it. I’ve just spoken with Matt. He works full time. More than 40 hours a week. He’s looking to buy. He is ready now. Help him and his wife get in to a home. Thank you.