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Transcript –

Bill Katsoulis: Okay. Hi. I’m here with Ms. Delgato. Hello, Ms. Delgato. How are you today?
Ms Delgato: I’m fine, thank you. How are you?
Bill Katsoulis: That’s good. Very well. You’re looking to buy a house, and you’re looking preferably in the Ferntree Gully area. Is that correct?
Ms Delgato: That’s correct. Yes.
Bill Katsoulis: And you’re looking for something on a flat block?
Ms Delgato: Yes, reasonably flat, yeah.
Bill Katsoulis: Yup. Between what, 700 and a 1,000 square meters.
Ms Delgato: That’s right.
Bill Katsoulis: Okay. Now, you’re after something with a bit of character, a bit of charm?
Ms Delgato: Yes.
Bill Katsoulis: That’s something that is a prerequisite for you, and something you’re looking for, …
Ms Delgato: Yes.
Bill Katsoulis: … and you’ve been looking for a couple of months. Is that right?
Ms Delgato: Yes, that’s right.
Bill Katsoulis: Okay, and you just missed out on one recently in Ferntree Gully, and you’re ready to buy?
Ms Delgato: I am definitely ready to buy.
Bill Katsoulis: Okay. Now, what settlement and terms would you prefer? You’ve sold your property in Clayton, and you’re looking to buy and get into something by what date?
Ms Delgato: Well, ideally, to match with my settlement, which is April 27th.
Bill Katsoulis: Okay.
Ms Delgato: If I could find that right property, and have a shorter settlement to match in with that, that would be great.
Bill Katsoulis: Okay, and the amount of bedrooms you require?
Ms Delgato: I only need three and one bathroom.
Bill Katsoulis: Three and one. If it had more, you’d look at it, yeah?
Ms Delgato: Oh, certainly. Yeah.
Bill Katsoulis: Yeah. Okay, so three bedroom, one bathroom, preferably no work, and what is the top end of your price range if a place ticked all the boxes and was perfect for you?
Ms Delgato: If everything was absolutely there, spot on, I would consider up to 600.
Bill Katsoulis: Okay. Okay, so we’re looking at also, area-wise, the bracket of McMahons Road, the creek in Ferntree Gully bordering Boronia and Ferntree Gully, Burwood Highway, Scoresby Road. That’s a pocket that you’re interested in. Is that correct?
Ms Delgato: Yes, that’s right.
Bill Katsoulis: Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, thanks for your time Ms. Delgato, and I hope we find something for you soon.
Ms Delgato: Thank you very much.
Bill Katsoulis: Okay.