Park Real Estate Fan

Video  Testimonial with John Kumm

John: We have been on the market previously with another agent, had very bad experiences with that particular agent and basically are not happy with some areas. Not only in terms of the ethical way that the other agent was dealing.

But also having to have the house open for inspection every week not knowing necessarily who was in the place, what was going on these are some of the issues that made us cancel our contract with that agent and look elsewhere. With the other agent we are on the market for about three months and had no luck whatsoever.

What I liked about Park Real Estate was the fact that they pre-qualify potential buyers rather than the normal system of an Open house when all sundry can come in. We were extremely happy with the price that we received for the property, In fact it was several tens of thousands of dollars more that the property is listed for.

One of the issues that also let us appreciate what we were receiving from Park Real Estate is their process of No Sale No Fee which meant that all of the charges for things such as like photography, sale boards, listing charges are all included as part of the process. On the unlikely chance that Park Real Estate hadn’t sold the house there would have been no charge for me whatsoever.