Park Real Estate is a lot better…

My name’s Sebastian. The house is sold at 34 Sherman Drive Bayswater North. I chose to sell my house with Park Real Estate with Scott, It was advertised as $619,000 and we got almost $20,000 more than any asking price so we’re very pleased. My perception of real estate some of them are quite negative met some dodgy ones on the way in my life. Some agents leave information behind or not tell the full story. They’ve asked a question and they’ve just avoided answering the question or change subjects.

So Scott’s pretty straightforward and tells it like it is a lot of the properties in the area have a single dwelling covenant and you cannot subdivide you can’t build anything on the property. The first thing I always do is to check the title to see if it actually has it and as luck would have it this property didn’t have the single dwelling covenant and that opened up a whole other market for us and more potential buyers and investors had no idea we could develop this property. If I had known earlier maybe I would have kept it.

Now ability to create that fear of loss into each and every buyer we dealt with was why we were able to get Sebastian a fantastic price with the property. Park Real Estate was a lot better to deal with than any other agent I used.