Thinking of selling? If you are selling in Croydon, Mitcham, Ringwood, Wantirna, Warranwood, Ringwood North, Chirnside Park… Call us and help Pauline and Brian buy.

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Jack: Hi, My name is Jack, and today with me I have Brian and Pauline. Hi, Brian. Hi, Pauline.

Brian & Pauline: Hi, Jack.

Jack: Now, Brian and Pauline have asked me to try and help them find a new home. Pauline, could you tell everybody what type of property you are looking for?

Pauline: Well, we’d like to purchase a block of land with views.

Jack: Okay.

Pauline: Or a ready-built single-story modern home.

Jack: Great. And could you tell everybody where you would look to move to?

Pauline: Croydon, Mitcham, Ringwood, Wantirna, Warranwood, Ringwood North, Chirnside Park.

Jack: Fantastic. And say it was a block of land, what could you spend up to for the block of land?

Pauline: Oh, $700,000

Jack: Yeah. And if it was a ready-built home?

Pauline: $1,200,000

Jack: Okay. So if you can help Brian and Pauline, if you have a property that you are looking at selling and it would suit them, please call me, Jack on 9762-4988. Thanks.

Pauline: Thank you.

Jack: Bye.

Pauline: Bye.