Are you selling in Mt. Evelyn, Mooroolbark, Lilydale and Kilsyth. Please help Rachel and Deb buy…


Jack: Hi my name is Jack and I am from Park Real Estate and today I have with me Rachel and Deb… Hello Rachel, Hello Deb

Rachel and Deb: Hello… Hi

Jack: Rachel and Deb have asked me to help them find a new home. Now Deb could you let us know what type of house you’re looking for.

Rachel and Deb: Three bedroom or plus, two bathrooms on a full block, 700sqms plus please…  not on the main road because of the noise. Something different you know what that means… well maintained not renovated.

Jack: Great and Rachel, what areas are you looking to buy in.

Rachel: I’m Looking at Mt. Evelyn, Mooroolbark, Lilydale and Kilsyth.

Jack: Great, and what can you pay up to for the right property?

Rachel and Deb: Up to $610,000.

Jack: Great… If you’re listening out there and If you have a house that may suit Rachel and Deb. Please call me Jack on 9762 4988. Thank you.

Rachel and Deb: Thank you.