Can you help Ravinder buy?

Are you selling in Endeavour Hills and Dandenong, Dandenong North areas?

Please click the play button below and listen in to Ravinder and let us help him find a new home.


Elena:  Hello Ravinder, how are you?

Ravinder:  Hi Elena, I’m well Thank you.

Elena: Good, Ravinder why don’t you tell us what areas you’re looking for to purchase a home?

Ravinder: I’m looking for a house near to Endeavour Hills. Because I work Endeavour Hills and Noble Park.

Elena: Okay and you’re ready to…

Ravinder: Yes, the suburbs I am looking for maybe Endeavour Hills and Dandenong, Dandenong North…

Elena: Fantastic, Ravinder are you ready to purchase now?

Ravinder: Yeah, I’m ready to purchase now I have my pre-approval with the bank.

Elena: Yes.

Ravinder: And I have 10% deposit with me ready.

Elena: Great, that’s fantastic, well thank you so much for that Ravinder, we’re going to send those letters out for you and hopefully, those vendors can give us a call to help. Thank you.

Ravinder: Thank you.


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