Can you Help Ray?


Are you selling in Ringwood, Croydon, East Ringwood, Heathmont areas?

Listen in to Ray and help him buy.

If you think your property could suit Ray feel free to call Jack on 03 9762 4988.


Jack: Hi, my name is Jack and I’m from Park Real Estate. Today I have with me Ray… How are you Ray.

Ray: I’m very well Thank you!

Jack: Now Ray has asked me to help him find a new home, So Ray can you let everybody know what type of property you’re looking for.

Ray: Yes, I’m looking for a property with a knock down or a I can use the block for to build my personal home on.

Jack: Okay, can you let us know what areas you’re looking to buy into.

Ray: Yes, I’m looking in the Ringwood, Croydon, East Ringwood, Heathmont areas.

Jack: That’s great and can you let us know what you could pay for the right property.

Ray: Up to $600,000.

Jack: Okay… So if you can help Ray please call me Jack on 9762 4988, Thanks Ray.

Ray: Thank you!

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