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Jack: Hi, my name is Jack and I’m from Park Real Estate with me today I have Sam and Peter they have asked me to help them find a new home. Hi Sam, Hi Peter…

Sam and Peter: Hello, Hi Jack

Jack: Sam, can you let us know what type of house your are after

Sam and Peter: Yeah, sure we are after a three plus bedroom home preferably with two bathrooms and a about a thousand square meters of land or more.

Jack: Okay and Peter what areas are looking to move to

Peter: In Boronia we are looking around the Burston and Lachlan Road sort of areas and in the Basin we’d be looking anywhere in between Toorak, Lachlan Road, Old Forest Roads and the Goverment Road areas

Jack: and can you let us know what type of budget you are working on

Sam: Sure, we can spend up to $650,000 for the right property

Jack: Thank you, if you can help Sam or Peter please call me on 9762 4988 , Thanks guys

Sam: Thank you