Selling in Bayswater, Mitcham, Heathmont, Ringwood and Wantirna ? Listen in to Sangeeta and help her buy.


Elena: Hello my name is Elena Teleni and I am from Park Real Estate in Boronia. I am speaking with Sangeeta Patel. Say hello Sangeeta.

Sangeeta: Hello Elena!

Elena: That’s very good. Now Sangeeta why won’t tell us what areas that you are looking to purchase in?

Sangeeta: I am looking in Bayswater, Mitcham, Heathmont and Ringwood.

Elena: Yes in Wantirna?

Sangeeta: In Wantirna, yes.

Elena: Now, Sangeeta, when do you plan to purchase this property by?

Sangeeta: As soon as possible.

Elena: Fantastic. So if we have anyone out there who has property available, please call us here at Park Real Estate. Thank you.