Sold in 24 hours

Kristine sold her home within 24 hours for above the asking price. Park Real Estate in Bli Bli have a unique way of marketing your home with ZERO costs upfront to the home seller. It really is a risk free way of selling your home. This is exactly the experience Kristine had and in the story below she goes on to compare her experience to that of her brother-in-law who was incredibly disappointed when he used multiple different agents to sell his home. Thank you Kristine for sharing your story so others can make the best choices when selling their home.


My name is Kristine Brown. The agent that sold my property is Park Real Estate in Boronia.

I didn’t interview a whole heap of different agents because in speaking with my brother-in-law, he had had troubles with the agents that he had used to sell a property of his, so he was kind enough to sit in on the meeting with Jack. I have to be honest and say that I did go by what my brother-in-law said and that he liked the idea of how Park Real Estate operated, so I chose to then go ahead with Park Real Estate and Jack because what was on offer just sounded very, very good and very honest and it sounded as though they have integrity, so that’s what I went for.

My brother-in-law wasn’t very happy with the agents that he used, it had a lot to do with the marketing fees. They started to charge far too much for marketing. They weren’t getting in the right people. To him, they just really didn’t do that good a job at all so he used two different agents and he wasn’t particularly happy with how they ran things either.

We sat down and went through very comprehensively everything that was involved in the selling of a property. It was quite overwhelming, I must say, so I was glad that I have my brother-in-law with me because there’s so much to take in. I’ve never sold a property before but any questions that I had, Jack answered them thoroughly and if I had any queries after that, I knew that I could ring up Park Real Estate and they would answer any questions that I had.

I was asking for $749,990 and I got $752,500. I think what Jack did was he put his negotiation skills to the now current owner of my property and she was more than happy to pay just that little bit extra to secure the property.

It was very appealing just to have only true and honest buyers coming through my property as opposed to a hoard of thousands for half an hour on a Saturday afternoon or a Saturday morning. I just appreciated the fact that he would get real people through the place.

We had signed the contract within 24 hours so I wasn’t really expecting that at all. If it had gone on longer like say if it was still on the market after a month, I obviously would have dropped the price down to attract interest but I was very lucky that I didn’t have to.

I was happy to pay them a slightly higher commission fee than what you would pay elsewhere because of the way they did their marketing. I think the flyer drop worked very successfully. It was advertised on the various websites which was great. I had a number of Jack’s colleagues come through the property to give their advice and opinion on what I could change or how to make things look a lot better and was able to find the buyer very quickly.

I think the buyer really wanted to be close by because it’s a very good area. It’s got terrific local schools. It’s close to a lot of very good amenities which the buyer would find very handy in her circumstances. We had faith with Park Real Estate and they delivered the best results.