Sold in 5 Days

When I spoke with the Park real estate agent, his skills were very different. I believed his negotiation skills were very good and I just had that rapport that he was actually working for me.

Their whole method of selling appealed to me, They do not have open for inspections. It was totally by appointment. Prior to bringing the person there, they actually screened the person to make sure that the person has finance, that the person knows the area, the person’s been in the market looking. They screen them very nicely before they bring them in.

I’d much rather he was the first or he was the second, but it was sold a week later. I have bought and sold a lot of properties and I’ve never had that happen. I’d never had a property sell in five days. The price that I received, I was extremely happy. In my past experience I’ve never got the figure that I wanted. It’s always been less than what I wanted.

He had told me at the interview that he worked for me and I think the day he walked in with that offer, he proved that he did work for me.