$70,000 above the asking price

Bernadette is still amazed about how Bill from Park Real Estate in Boronia managed to sell her property $70,000 above the asking price. Bill quoted a higher asking price for her property than other agents and was still able to sell it above the asking price. Bernadette had such kind words to say about her journey and was generous enough to let us share her story. Thank you Bernadette for sharing your story so that others can chose the right agent to get the best price for their home too.

My name’s Bernadette Brooker. We have sold five properties between us. The reason we went with Bill was we were very confident and happy with his approach and the information that he gave us.

The experience we had with Bill against anyone else was he was very casual. He came across professional, we were comfortable and we just had a lot of confidence. There was just something about him. We just had the confidence in him and he just explained everything and gave us a higher estimate than what we thought.

The amount that Bill sold our property for was $709,000. The price that we received was $70,000 above the asking price that we advertised. We were not expecting to receive the offer that Bill came in with as I said we were shocked and he did say to be seated. Thank God we were.

Bill and the team at Park Real Estate absolutely know how to get the best amount of money on a house for anything and I highly, highly recommend them. They are outstanding with their professionalism and the money that they bring in. We would not have got the same result if we had gone with another agent because I think that having open house or opening for inspections doesn’t work as well as what the team at Park Real Estate do, the way they operate. We just found it easier with the three of us working that we knew when someone was coming and easier than having someone come and then people not show up. If there was an inspection we were guaranteed of someone coming through the door.

We were happy to pay Park Real Estate a higher fee, as we just were confident in what they could do for us and in the long run it worked. It worked. Can’t you see the smile?

I had my property on the market recently and we didn’t have the luck that we had hoped for so we’ve kept it and we will rent it and I had always said to my husband, I wish Bill had have been there to be able to sell it and imagine what we would get for it.

The agents never really got back to us and they didn’t follow through as to what Bill and the team at Park Real Estate did. We were always notified of what was happening with Bill and we never had the result that we have had with Bill and I would recommend him to the moon and back, absolutely.

Bill is the best agent we have ever come across. That’s true and we have told everybody, if you want to sell we’ve got the man for you.

When we had the property on the market we had it on the market for $639,000. Our property hadn’t sold after a couple of weeks, so Bill came and had a meeting with us and just said hang in guys, we’ll get there.  

The day that Bill came back and said that the buyer had come in, he rang us within a week and said I’ve got an offer, I need to speak to you, you need to be sitting down, so I got Len here.

Bill came in and we were speechless. The full price that the buyers offered us was $709,000.

Bill was amazing at getting us the extra amount above the advertised price because the people were initially in a hurry to resettle because they had sold their property, so Bill knew that, so Bill wheeled and dealed and got us the best deal that shocked our socks off.