Sold above the asking price

My name’s Bruce Greenland. At first we looked at a couple of real estate agents, Parks was not on our list.

Because they weren’t in the area and they may not have known the area. We didn’t believe that they were able to sell what we were looking. For real estate agent Scott Collins and the strategy that Scott had presented us was very unusual and different to all the other real estate agents.

We had a reserve price $920,000 so we knew that it would be around the nine hundred nine hundred thousand in the area. The average houses sold $950,000 $980,000

We had something like 78 people through the property in three weeks and there were 17 offers put forward to Parkres and of course I take the highest bidder and we were very surprised with the price and how they went around getting the price.

The private auction it just showed people were willing to pay for what they want and no one else knew about each other’s bidding which was another good thing. So I think there was $1,060,000 and $1,090,000 and then the next one was $1,187,000.

It was well above the asking price we were asking for. Sold for approximate $267,000 more than what we asked.