Got $50,000 more in a week

Janet couldn’t be happier that her property was sold for $740,000 which was $50,000 more than their asking price. To add to that,  the property sold within a week! She also thought that it was fantastic that she didn’t have to pay Park Real Estate anything until her property was sold. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.

I had five different real estate companies coming through and that included Park. I ended up going with Scott simply because he came across as the most relaxed and calmed.  The other agents, we felt, were just really full of crap. Some of them were telling us that we had to put new carpet in and do all those kinds of things. Scott was the only agent who said, “Just do what you can afford to do. People will come in and make it their own anyway.” So, we picked Park just because of Scott’s attitude towards it.

That is the honest truth, it was just the other agents were negative about everyone else and I don’t like to put others down like that. I appreciated the fact that Scott didn’t come in bothering us. The other thing about Scott is that he didn’t keep bantering us and he didn’t ring me every week going, “Have you made a decision?” Where the other four real agents did. The other real estates were really encouraging Andrew and me to go auction and that we should have it outside but we didn’t want the neighbours or people driving by all the time and having open inspections.

I run my own business so for me to be working from home and having auctions was very difficult especially because Saturday is my busiest day with work and Saturday is a day when they have their open inspections. I think Scott, and the Jenman system that he used, just came across to us that a private sale was the much better way for us to go. And, the fact that we could work it all around my business with me either being at home or not since appointments are made before they come through the house.

I don’t think we would have got the same result having used another real estate agent. We had a process we knew we needed to get and that was just to walk out here debt free, which was lovely, with the mortgage paid off and all the rest of it. We ended up getting $50,000 more than what we needed, so we’re very pleased and I really don’t think we would have got that if we’d gone to an auction. We got $740,000 and we only really aimed for $690,000! The other real estates were sort of saying they can get $750,000. I mean, we knew it was a push too because the house isn’t finished, we’re not silly. But we sold, really, within a week! An auction takes normally about four weeks of open inspections, then on the fifth week it’s the sale and I’m so glad we didn’t go down that road because we probably still be unsold. And, our settlement is in a few weeks, so it’s been a very quick rush to process but Scott’s been great the whole time and is helping me to stay as calm as I can. Scott just kept the ball rolling and in contact with us the whole time. He would tell me how many phone calls they were getting, and things like that every week.

Scott explained to us about the commission and the fact that they all work as a team. And, that the commission does go to everybody not just to him and I thought that was good. Because the other agents at Park Real Estate brought people through as well, so it wasn’t just Scott. It was a team effort and I thought that was really great! Also, if Park doesn’t sell your house you don’t have to pay them a cent. Yeah, so I definitely would recommend them and, yes, the time frame. The fact that we sold so quickly was fantastic for me because I am a worry wart, and I like everything to be set in stone and I wasn’t happy until I saw that “Sold” sign up. But once that came up, I was happy to pay.