Sold Well Over Asking Price


So my decision to choose Park Real Estate was made on what Park Real Estate offered to me.

A tailor sale of my house will take into consideration exactly what I wanted and the way I wanted to do it.

Which was really important for me because Rhys is amazing.

No, you were absolutely considering polite, courteous and they listened. For me, the listening is very important.

Taking time.. sitting with me explaining things with me and listening to what I have to say and not fighting
because I’m a strong person not fighting back.

You know what I wanted, We started the sale at $875,000 then to we negotiated the price up to $887,000 which was a marking up of $12,000 more for me.

Yes. And I was really, really happy with the outcome.

On the process of selling the house, we go through building inspection, pest control and on the report there was a bit of a hiccup and the buyer wanted to lower the price from $15,000 which I was not happy to do.

And Rhys was able to negotiate to spend the weekend working on it and the final press was the reduction was $3,000 less which I was happy to settle with.

Yes, I definitely and I did recommend to anyone who wants to sell.

I recommend highly Park Real Estate.