Sold within two weeks



My name is Sue , I’ve just sold my property with Park Real Estate.

I had interviewed a few agents. 4 agents came out and had a chat with me. I decided to go with a particular agent. I chose that agent because they were selling other units in this complex and it just made sense to go with the same agent.

They had the property on the market for three months and nothing eventuated. The one next door which is identical to this property was on the market at the same time as my price. I didn’t think it was in my favor to have two identical properties next to each other selling at the same time. I did question the agent about that and he seemed to think oh no that’s that’s fine. Obviously it didn’t work because I didn’t get any offers.

The agent quoted around the $600,000 – $640,000 mark.

They were very confident that they would achieve that.

When they told me that of course you think a beauty I’d love $640,000. Yeah that didn’t eventuate and next door into that selling for a lot less than that they sold for $555,000. So nearly a hundred thousand less than what they was spruiking it in the first place. When I found out the sale price.

I was very disappointed, I was a bit devastated thinking mine would be on a par with … that lower price as well because they are identical units.

The benchmark was certainly set for what people will be willing to offer.

I was very worried that I’d be looking at a similar price if not lower. But just as the three month contract was coming to an end Park real estate rang at the right time and said let me come around and have a chat with you and I’ll tell you how we work as a real estate agency.

Having bought through Park real estate before. So we came in and had a chat convinced me to allow him to try and get the best possible outcome for me. I decided I better try somewhere else.. I think they did an excellent job.

Park Real Estate found a buyer for me within two weeks.

When they called me up to say I’ve been working on an offer for you come into the office if you can. So I went there after.. I mean he showed me the price I screamed!

I couldn’t believe, I literally screamed. I couldn’t believe that.

Park Real estate managed to get such a good price in such a short time. The final selling price was $590,000.