Are you selling in Croydon, Croydon South, Kilsyth, Lilydale, Montrose areas?

Please click the play button below and listen in to Stan and let us help him find a new home.


Jack: Hi, my name is Jack and I’m from Park Real Estate. Now, today I have with me Stan. How are you, Stan?

Stan: Very good. Thank you.

Jack: Now, Stan has just sold his home and he has asked me to help him find a new one. Can you tell us a bit about what type of property you’re after, Stan?

Stan: I’m really interested in a weatherboard house. It can be, well, a lot of work needing to be done on it. I’m not fussed about that and that’s mostly what I’d like to do and spend a lot of time fixing up.

Jack: You mentioned you want something on a decent sized block as well.

Stan: Yes. Well, it can be thousand square meters, Yeah a reasonable sized block.

Jack: Okay. What areas are you looking to move to?

Stan: I’d like the Croydon area, anywhere around Croydon, Kilsyth, Lilydale, Montrose.

Jack: And, Croydon South maybe, I think.

Stan: Well, yes. Croydon South.

Jack: Could you tell us what you could pay up to for the right property?

Stan: I’m prepared to spend up to $1,200,000 on a nice property.

Jack: Okay. That sounds good. Look, if you have a property and you are considering selling and you think it would suit Stan, please call me Jack at Park Real Estate on 9762-4988. Thanks, Stan.

Stan: Thank you.