Jack: Hi, my name is Jack from Park Real Estate. With me today, I’ve got Steve. Steve has asked me to try and help him find a new property. Hi Steve!


Steve: Good, thanks and yourself?


Jack: I’m good. Steve, can you let us know what type of property you’re after?


Steve: I am looking for a two bedroom, at least one bathroom, newish or new unit and one storey only.


Jack: Okay, Steve can you let us know what area you would like to move into?


Steve: Basically, Croydon and or surrounding suburbs.


Jack: Lilydale, Mooroolbark, Ringwood, Chirnside and Bayswater.


Steve: Those sort of places, yes.


Jack: Can you let us know how much you can spend for the right property?


Steve: Up to $600,000 for the right property.


Jack: Sounds good. If you can help Steve, please call me Jack on 9762 4988. Thanks!