Are you selling in the Knoxfield area? Please listen in and Help Tarik buy…



Bill: Hi my name is Bill. I am here with Tarik who is looking to purchase a property in the Knoxfield area. Is that right Tarik?

Tarik: Yes, that’s right.

Bill: Yep. Now, Tarik is looking for something on a fair bit of land. Something with potential to develop later. Anywhere between sort of 800 and 1200 square meters Tarik, is that right?

Tarik: Yes, that’s correct.

Bill: And you are looking specifically in Knoxfield, is that correct too?

Tarik: Yes, I am looking in Knoxfield to buy.

Bill: And you are good to go?

Tarik: I am ready to go anytime.

Bill: And mate for the perfect place, if it’s exactly what you are looking for, what sort of budget did you have for the perfect property? Up to what price?

Tarik: Up until $900,000.

Bill: $900,000. Alright Tarik, hopefully we can find something soon. If anyone is thinking of selling, give me a call, my name is Bill and the number is 9762 4988. Thank you.