Marketing Assistant

About Emma Vella

  • Kind. Compassionate.
  • Approachable and fun.
  • Marketing extraordinaire.
  • Creative. Client-centric

That’s Emma Vella,

And she’s ready to maximise your expectations, and deliver on all accounts.

With an intricate yet wide-spread understanding of Park Real Estate’s goal-orientated operations, coupled with an array of marketing experience tucked up her professional sleeve, Emma Vella is a masterful operator in all aspects of her role.

Having spent the past three years, delving into the depths of Park Real Estates’ marketing and serviceability strategies, and a further two years delivering on outstanding client management, it’s easy to understand why Emma is such a valued and integral part of the internal workings of such a successful agency. And it’s this unwavering attention to detail, together with an authentic excitement to do things ‘right’ the first time, that’s propelled Emma Vella in the realm of real estate marketing.

With a big, beaming smile and bubbly personality made for networking, you would be forgiven to think Emma is just a bright, and friendly face. Nestled just behind her welcoming front, Emma brings a wealth of marketing understanding and real estate knowledge to her role, having completed a Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Business Marketing, along with her industry-specific, Agent’s Representative Certificate.

For Emma, working within the tight-knit team known as Park Real Estate has unveiled her passion for positive and effective marketing opportunities, and often finds herself lost in creative concepts and ideas to enhance existing marketing solutions and further reinforce an existing high-level, client-centric serviceability for clients. For Emma, there’s nowhere else she’d rather be, than knee-deep in creative, solution-based marketing schemes and brainstorming sessions, surrounded by the team at Park Real Estate.

Away from her real estate role, Emma spends blissful weekends with friends and family, meandering the coastline of pristine beaches, soaking up the sunshine and inhaling the crisp, salty-air.

A compassionate colleague and experienced marketing mogul, Emma Vella is without question a key component in the success story, known as Park Real Estate.